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From: miao yingming
Posted: 2003-02-27 15:14:54
Shanghai Tian-le Technical & Economic Development Corporation

Brief Introduction
Shanghai Tian-Le Technical and Economic Development Corporation was set up in May 1988,being a scientific and technological development and business enterprise with ownership by the whole people as well as an independent accounting enterprise assuming sole for its profits or losses, and is the window to the outside world of Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry.
It has a technical force with sound basic theory, rich practical experience and various disciplines in coordinate and qualified management and administration personnel.
Its aim is to rely on the technical backing of Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry under the Ministry of Chemical Industry, be geared to the needs of production and society, transform achievements in science and technology quickly into productive forces, provide services in comprehensive technology and chemical raw and other materials for the chemical and other domestic industries of national economy, build intimate relations among production, technology and economy, promote technical progress, and contribute to the acceleration of the four modernizations.
It deals mainly with chemical fertilizers, organic chemicals, chemical engineering, stable isotopes, high purity gases ,fine chemicals, chemical machinery and equipment, automation and instrumentation in chemical industry, computer application and environmental protection, is engaged in their technical development, engineering design, transfer of achievements, introduction of technology and technical consultation service, and supplies various chemical products, machines, pumps and equipment, instruments and meters and automatic control equipment.
It opens up positively export-oriented economy and has set up several joint ventures, with their production scale ever on the increase. Since it was approved to have the right to import and export on its own, it has yield foreign exchange, with increases at a rate of 40% a year. Its export-oriented economy has grown by leaps and bounds, and it has been elected thrice the advanced organization in reform and opening up in the departments of chemical industry nationwide. It was chosen as one of the 100 strong scientific and technological enterprises of Shanghai in 1996.
Shanghai Tian-Le Technical & Economic Development Corporation
Address: 345 Yun Ling Road(East), Shanghai Post Code: 200062
Telephone: 021-52803678,52815377x518,335 Fax: 021-52803678
Contact: Miao Ying Ming

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