Rule of Message Board

From: Info Department
Posted: 2004-01-15 00:00:00
Dear sirs,

You are welcome to use our message board. Our message board is free and open to all internet users.

We have already relocated your message to suitable section.

On the other hand if your message repeated so many time. We will deleted the repeated message from our message board.

If you have any compliant with our action, you are welcome to call us any time using our customer services hotline (852)2505-5838 or e-mail to

Remark :
(1) Please don't spam our message board.
(2) Please co-operation and make our message board clean.

Finally, we hope that the message board is useful for all the internet users and welcome the writer called to write useful message again, although we don't know who is the writer of the

Thank for your co-operation !

Information Department

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